Business Analyst

We are looking for young talents who want to learn: to analyze organizational processes, understand the different business models and design innovative technological solutions based on Identity Management.

Principles we are inspired by:

  • "why not?" instead of "no"?
  • thinking analytically rather than critically
  • autonomous but not monotonous
  • used to sailing in rough seas
  • Well disposed to simplification
  • convinced that well-done work comes before lost sleep
  • that to improve itself is also willing to make mistakes
  • asking "can it be done?" should answer "everything can be done, but let's evaluate if it is the right solution"


  • Capability to translate customer needs into achievable proposals
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both with customers and the airpim team
  • Confidentiality and discretion in the management of reserved information
  • Excellent skills in commercial analysis and development of synthesis with constructive thinking
  • Capability to work independently and achieve of the planned goals

In particular

  • Background: a computer scientist with strong commercial skills or a commercial one with a good knowledge of ICT systems logic approach

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