Software Developer

We are looking for a person who is expert in the development and management of digital platforms, with proven experience in the sector, advanced skills in software development and specific knowledge in the handling of complex data. In a dynamic work environment, the talent we are looking for will have the opportunity to grow by developing performing, efficient and highly scalable technologies.

Skills required

  • Ability to translate functional needs into technical specifications
  • Ability to analyze and present results / solutions
  • Capability to communicate clearly both with commercial and technical teams
  • Confidentiality and discretion in the management of reserved information
  • Excellent debugging skills and critical thinking

In particular

  • Capability to develop digital platforms or native and hybrid mobile apps
  • Knowledge of Node.js, Angular.js, MongoDB, Express.js, Javascript
  • Excellent communication skills necessary to interact clearly with the team and to share complex concepts
  • Experience in Software Development in Python, Ruby, Java, Obj-C, C# o C/C++ languages and use of the main Software Development Kits (SDK) for mobile app
  • Knowledge of Web HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, JQuery languages/li>
  • Knowledge on about vectorial and motion graphics, including SVG, HTML5 Canvas, and animations via JavaScript and CSS
  • Experience with network and messaging protocols, REST interfaces
  • Knowledge of multi-thread software development, TCP / IP sockets, SQLite
  • Experience in application architecture and object-oriented design (OOD)

Preferential titles

  • Proven experience in Machine Learning, data mining and modeling
  • Experience in Cloud Computing and distributed systems (latency, scalability, high reliability, data replication and synchronization, disaster recovery and general performance for the best business continuity)


To be committed in the Job.
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