What is Identity Management?

Identity Management is the heart of the fourth industrial revolution, which combines the computerized automation processes of industry 3.0 with the disruptive possibilities introduced by technology 4.0: big data and analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, cyber-physical systems. This is a epochal change, which does not leave any sector unchanged.

Why is Identity Management so important?

Because data is the key of the 4.0, and the business of the future. The Economist clarified it in 2017 with a statement that became famous: The most precious resource in the world is no longer oil, it is the data.
But not all data are 'good'. The 5 V-factors characterize the quality data: volume, variety, velocity, veracity, value. That is, it is essential to collect many Data, diversified, in real time, and subjected to verification and selection strategic.
Identity Management is the control room that allows the application of 5 V-factors to your company's data, wherever it is stored: cloud, environments physical, private servers (or a combination of the above).

But I already have data, which I use for business intelligence. What am I missing?

Your company collects and analyzes only a fraction of the data it may have (and the first two V factors are already lost: volume and variety).
Technology 4.0 transforms your entire company into data: people, machinery, software, fleets, objects, devices, communication flows. All becames data.

How can I do that?

First of all, managing to collect and organize structured data(those that are easily inserted into a spreadsheet) and unstructured data (those that do not enter a spreadsheet: media , documents, etc.) with many different origins.
Secondly by digitizing what is not digital. Via sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) in Industry 4.0 all physical objects acquire a digital representation and become (and provide) data. These 'digital twins' can be managed, interconnected and integrated without volume limits with the maximum computational power, and made to communicate and interact according to highly flexible and scalable variations.

Why should I collect all this extra data?

Big data and machine learning allow advanced analytics which means competitive advantage.
To the descriptive level they mean the elimination of timewaste and processes of diagnostics and decisions making taken in real time, because you can view in real time every little activity of your company on an interactive dashboard.
The predictive level, developed on the basis of algorithms, provides you with insight and models to create the future of your business in the form of strategies and highly innovative and performing applications.

How does the Identity Management control room works?

The starting point of everything is the infrastructures and 4.0 architectures. Building, managing and protecting them necessarily means activating authentication, authorization, accounting processes, that is Identity Management.

authentication identifies in safely the person, the machine, the object, the device: I want to know who you are.
authorization allows or denies access selectively to data, applications, servers, physical places : I want to adjust what you can do.
accounting tracks every passage of information: operations, accesses, communications. I want to have a report in the form of a digital trace of each activity.

Infrastructure 4.0 starts from here to createa secure digital ecosystem, highly complex, interconnected, scalable and monitored in time real.Savings, competitiveness and efficiency are only the first benefits. The truly disruptive value of 4.0 is in opening to a world of new possibilities - operative, productive, managerial - entirely profiled on your assets: still your company, sure, but with superpowers.

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